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Cellular Blinds Reinvented

Smartcell cellular blinds take advantage of today’s most innovative technology to bring you a modern blind designed for a modern home. With variable power, automation, and control features that combine practicality with convenience, Smartcell has the power to provide a comfortable interior day or night and will change the way you look at your blinds.

The products in our lives—from the most high-tech to the most practical—are constantly evolving from necessity to amenity. So why should blinds be any different? Smartcell cellular blinds integrates digital control and customisation features, solar power, ultra-insulating fabrics, and advanced design properties to provide a sleek and highly-effective home blinds system for your windows and your doors

Mobile Control

Command your SmartCells cellular blinds from anywhere in theworld. Simply open the app, select a room, view the status and control remotely Simply open the app, select a room, view the status and control remotely

Multi Control

Give access to all members you wish to anyone you wish to control your blinds. Simply download the app on their Smartphone provide, login  details and your ready go.

Location Control

Using you mobile phone location and intergration with IFTTT your blinds can be customised to activate depending on your current location.

Voice Control

For a different lifestyle experience, manage your SmartCells with you voice powered by Google home, Amazon Alexia or other compatible programs


Block Out 2.0

Blockout blinds can only block out as much as the coverage offers. SmartCell cellular blinds have 8 times less light leakage than roller blinds,making the room darker when you need it.


Save on Energy Costs

Smartcell cellular blinds boasts extraordinary insulation properties contributing to a difference in room temperature of approximately 75% when compared to peak outdoor ambient temperatures. Ultra-insulating cellular blind fabrics prevent your environment from becoming uncomfortably warm in sunlight and help retain indoor heat during the chilly season, while a pocket of air formed between the Smartcell cellular blinds and your window maintain a consistent room temperature all year round.


Solar Powered Li-Ion

Lithium-ion solar powered blinds are a simple addition to your home and require no electrician or electrical wiring work. Smartcell cellular blinds are powered by the sun’s energy and is equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can be recharged at your convenience, anytime. Solar power and lithium ion are both highly-efficient technologies that allow you to have fully-automated blinds at no additional cost to your energy bill

Timer Control

Smartcell automated cellular blinds provide a more relaxed lifestyle by utilising customisable smart light timer controls to match your day-to-day activities. With intuitive blind timer controls managed right from your cell phone or tablet, you can set a desired blind height in advance, based on your planned activities, schedule, and day of the week.

Mobile Control

Command your Smartcells cellular blinds anywhere, anytime with an app that lets you view and control the status of your blinds by individual unit, room, and custom configuration. Raise and lower your blinds whether you’re inside, outside, or abroad using an accessible and easy-to-use app linked directly to your blind system.


Intergrate with Voice Control

Turn your Smartcell cellular blinds into a voice-powered smart blind by integrating it with your Google Home, Amazon Alexa, or other compatible device to take advantage of the complete smart home experience and lifestyle

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